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♥Sunday, September 20, 2015
a year after

It's been a year since I made the life changing move.
Where did all the time go? But I have learnt through this one year, sometimes, you really cannot just wait.

Wait for the moment,
Wait for someone,
Wait for people to give you what they said they would do.

Sometimes, you just have to be thick skin and push for it to get it done. And sometimes, to get something, you should seek for professional help and pay for it.

I agree, the path I took is a long one and things are not smooth sailing. But I am willing to take the first step I took a year ago again. Would not trade this 1 year despite losing out on certain things. I learnt a bit more about myself than I usually would.

My love of design was recently awaken again. With all the logo, name card,  Internet is such an amazing invention. Out of randomness, came across my previous blog layout and wondered how did I ever learnt to create the layout with a mixture of html codes. Looking at those codes again.. I think if i have to redo from scratch, it will definitely take a long time. lol.. but may be I should start seeing it again for website design matters *thoughtful look*

This is such a random post.

Hakuna Matata ; 12:35 PM

♥Saturday, November 15, 2014
November 2014

I did it. I took that leap during September 2014.. life changing which i should remember about due to 2 things. Things are uncertain now but definitely new beginnings, new friends, new goals. May 2015 be a year of embracing challenges and overcome obstacles.

4 more weeks to end of peak! This peak seems harder n longer to go through. I wonder why, shouldnt things get better?

Anyhow, met jean for supper after work today, shared stories, learnt new ways of doing things, n just unwind from all the stress. While cabbing home, met a really friendly taxi uncle. Hear people stories and hardship always brings about emotions and thoughts which people forget about while going through their own life's obstacles.

2015 resolution - to learn how to interact with people better, to be less socially awkward. 💪💪

Hakuna Matata ; 1:15 AM

♥Saturday, August 09, 2014
26 turned 17

Been ages since I did a journal entry.. miss the days where i could pen down my thoughts.. never seem to be able to set aside time for journaling these days... (think i keep repeating this sentence...)

Anyhow, took a train ride back, rode a bus home and even walked home myself today. Reached home at about 12.30am. It felt like a milestone to me.. parents age are catching up I guess. As hard as my dad tries, its getting harder to wait each time I get home late. I'm definitely thankful for parents always waiting up to ensure that we are home safely. But nice to not feel thorn between staying out a bit later and heading home quick so that parents dont have to stay up for me.

Today an epic thing happened too! We celebrated Bernadine's bday today. The magic no. 17 appeared. And I can't believe that men see girls as being ignorant just because of a number that indicates a person age. But it was definitely a moment to remember and laugh about with serene and bernadine in the years to come.

Wanted to remind myself of the travels i did in 2014 so far...

31 dec 2013 to 2 jan 2014 - batam with baby
3 jan 2014 to 7 jan 2014 - hong kong with family
25 jan 2014 to 26 jan 2014 - bintan with chft colleagues
4 jul 2014 to 7 jul 2014 - phuket with jean

Great year with so many travels :) I should find the time to sort my hong kong pictures too. My travelogue is getting too dusty. =D my next trip is..... family and I have an upcoming trip to cameron highlands! Can't wait! I should start planning another trip in march to april 2015!!

Oh! 26 jul 2014 was my first time being a bridesmaid for my very first primary school friend!! Was so happy for her!! And a girl really looks best on her wedding day!! Got to know three people, shirley, sze wing and gary's bestie in canada, angie! Nice people and hopefully the friendship with shirley and sze wing does not end there. My family got invited to the wedding too and it was a new experience for all of us. :)

Alright, time to end the entry although there is still tonnes of things to update. Shall leave it for the next entry...

- I'm almost at the edge, should I take the leap of faith? 23more days to decide -

Hakuna Matata ; 1:25 AM

♥Saturday, May 31, 2014
the wonders of life

Today was a wonderful day.. Slept in today, caught a few movies on the tv. And headed out to meet baby and then to bugis to meet tanya and gary for a double date!

On the way to jcube today, overheard 2 guys who were strangers but they decided to strike a conversation up despite not knowing each other. As both were foreigners, they shared their life and where were they from. Both alighted at jurong too and before they parted they actually exchanged numbers! Wow! Its a possible start of a friendship. :)

Fate really works wonders in its own way. Just like how it worked on my friendships thru the years.... and am forever thankful for my friendships! It definitely makes life easier.

Note to self: Make this year the life changing year! 7 more months to make it happen!

Hakuna Matata ; 10:23 PM

♥Tuesday, March 04, 2014
a good read

Everyone has a story to tell....

Love how this book was written... how illogical things can also be logical. How one task set could impact your own life....

Been very long since I wrote here or my diary. Often think how dull my life is. It's time to reflect back on the things/events I had wanna write about but didn't make the time to write them down. Then I'll start to remember how lucky i am and be thankful.

Hakuna Matata ; 11:39 PM


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